Washington D.C. Medical Marijuana Law

Fresh off the presses, the ban congress had put on the medical marijuana initiative of 1998 has been lifted!!! The overwhelming victory of ~68% in favor has teeth finally! Washington D.C. Medical Marijuana Law puts this quasi state as number 14, officially.

Currently more Americans, population wise, live under a state’s run medical marijuana law than do not. This is the true momentum we as a public need to see the cannabis industry prosper without the withering effects of the black market.

Washington D.C. Medical Marijuana Law, I think, sets the tone for furthering the medical marijuana movement.

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One Response to “Washington D.C. Medical Marijuana Law”

  1. HELP US ALL Says:

    No matter what anyone says if it were not for President Obama all of these good changes regarding marijuana would not be taken place . If McCain was elected he would still be ordering the raids on the dispensaries throughout the USA . Why ? For his lust and love of money in support of Cindy’s pushing of Alcohol ( beer ) . Electing Meg Whitman will be like another George Bush in office . She was chairperson for eBay who has ties with the Alcohol biz . Part of eBay has ties with PayPal who cut off doing business with N.O.R.M.L. and Whitman is 100 % behind them . She like McCain is another drug ( Alcohol ) pusher .Electing this snob & drug pusher and we’ll be turning the clock back on legalization of Cannabis .

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