California Washington Marijuana Legalization

Some major movement on the legalization front has real world ramifications!!! If California and Washington State get their respective ballot measures in front of the public I see no reason why they both will not pass. And, as these two states go soon Nevada will follow. I still do not see what the problem in Nevada is!!

This state legalized gambling and prostitution, but cannabis, oh no. Marijuana legalization did not even seem this inevitable in the 1970’s with Carter. Not to mention, that this time around the movement will not be stopped because of some cocaine!!

I have been trying to get the news out that Montana recognizes other state issued MMJ cards. This allows providers, like Greene Acres Caregiver, to transfer one ounce to a patient or caregiver while they’re here visiting the Big Sky state!! Not even California can do this for you, but we can!!

Montana does not appear to be close to full on legalization anytime soon, but we can assist patients!! Washington and California legalization will bring forth a water shed moment concerning policies regarding cannabis taxation and regulation. Study after poll shows it is easier for high school age, and younger, students to get pot from a friend. By legalizing cannabis we can effectively make it uncool and harder to get!! Greene acres caregiver understands the need to active in the community to help foster a better image around cannabis.

We keep within strict adherence to the Montana medical marijuana law!! So please, help us keep the movement going forward. Do what you know is right and keep within the law. It’s the best I’ve seen in any state!!!

Montana Biotech Home Page


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