Green Economy, Not in N. Dakota

Hemp has a higher level of  CBD to THC ratios, while marijuana has a higher ratio of  THC to CBD. There has been much speculation as to the nature of some of the other cannabinoids found in cannabis, and CBD is very interesting. In this day and age, we are still fighting over if hemp IS marijuana. Hopefully the Federal Government can get this regulation thing squared away so we can move in a new direction.

The Green Economy will employ resources that have not been used before. Think of all the individuals that stayed away from techy jobs for fear of showing interest in cannabis. The Green Economy will put them to work. This will pale in comparison to the research that has been hampered in the private, as well as, the government sectors, by the fear of being outed. Also, your talents as a researcher where in question if one mentions cannabis.

One states loss is an others gain in this Green Economy. Montana may see its first hemp crop planted in 77 years! North Dakota is climatically similar to Montana, and this climate suits hemp. The crop needs dry summers to properly mature, and lower the probability of powdery mildew. Hemp can be grown for seed and fiber. And, in both cases a farmer does not want rain at the end! The same conditions that wheat is well adapted to, hemp also thrives in.

Montana Biotech Home Page


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