Montana Medical Marijuana, Ohio State Law

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Ohio’s cannabis laws would allow NO transfer of Montana medical marijuana in Ohio. But, if you are visiting the Big Sky State and have a medical condition that Montana recognizes, you can get a doctor, here, to sign your attending physicians statement. You need not be a current, or a soon to become resident of Montana to receive a card. The card is valid for a year, kind of like an out of state hunting or fishing license, and must be renewed.

While in the state, you can have one ounce of usable cannabis, tinctures, salves, edibles, hashish, ect., or any combination, at any one time. A prospective patient could also register a caregiver to acquire their medication in the form of a caregiver to patient transfer. There are currently 5440 patients and 1578 caregivers. With Montana medical marijuana, NO cannabis is to leave the state.

Caregivers can transfer cannabis ONLY to patients who have registered them on their patient/caregiver form, and receive financial compensation. If a medical marijuana patient from another state comes to Montana, their card will allow them more direct access to protections under the Montana medical marijuana law. It is advisable to create a relationship with a caregiver before signing them up. Montana allows potential, or current patients in other medical, or non medical marijuana states to get their card.

If you currently have a caregiver in your home state you can also assign a caregiver for here in Montana. The relationship with your caregiver in Montana DOES NOT effect your relationship with your caregiver at home! The caregiver and patient while in Montana, MUST abide by Montana Law!

For instance, in Washington state, a patient and or their caregiver may posses up to 24 ounces of usable cannabis and 15 plants, or a 60 day supply.

Montana medical marijuana laws states that a patient can only possess one ounce! In some ways the amount of cannabis allowed is a limitation, but it is better than nothing at all! So, if you are feeling adventurous and want to come and experience Montana remember that medical cannabis is an option while you’re here! People are wanting relief from pain, sickness and need a PLACE that can help them feel better even if for a day.

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