Marijuana, Belgrade Montana

Medical Marijuana is hard to find, when quality is an issue. Honest John’s Farmacy is located in Belgrade, Mt. It’s easy to find and Honest John’s Farmacy is staffed with well informed attendants.

Find Potency tested marijuana, labeled with information that helps make medicating easier. HB 68 is looking to help regulate the medical marijuana industry here in Montana.

Montana Biotech Home Page


Potency Labeling will include:

1.) Cannabinoid content, percent THC (dwt/v), CBD, CBN etc.

2.) Presence or absence of inorganic herbicides, pesticides/insecticides, herbicides, fungicide etc.

3.) Presence of Marijuana.There are others. I would suggest educating yourself!!!


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Potency Tested and Labeled Medical Marijuana:

Honest John’s Farmacy, Located in Belgrade, MT Open Mon-Sat 11Am-7PM Call (406)388-2837


Potency Testing and Labeling provided by:

Montana Biotech, Located in Bozeman, MT Call (406) 600-6871 to order Potency Analysis and Product Labeling

STARTING at $59.99

Montana Norml:
Read the bill = look for the hand that points to html, pdf at the top of the page.

[] HB19: Clarify that the Clean Indoor Air Act applies to smoking of medical marijuana
[] HB43: Clarifying employer’s rights related to employee use of medical marijuana

The one that is getting all the attention.
[] HB68: Revise Medical Marijuana Act and create regulatory structure for industry

[] HB82: Require reporting of complaints on physician practices related to med marijuana
[] HB161: Repeal medical marijuana law
[] HB175: Submit repeal of Montana Medical Marijuana Act to voters of Montana
[] HB185: Ban synthetic marijuana

There are a few others, but none that appear to be going far.

You can find all the 62nd session of the Montana Legislature bills here


Montana Biotech Home Page


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