Potency Analysis Labeling, Bozeman

Medical Marijuana is going to get a much needed shot of legitimacy if HB68, cannabis products labeling standards,  passes.  ANY product containing MMJ will need to be labeled with its THC content and that it DOES contain cannabis.

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ANY cannabis infused MUST be sold at a dispensary/store and MUST be labeled with its cannabinoid content. This type of potency analysis labeling will help insure patients and caregivers/providers that the products they are selling or consuming are of the highest quality and do in fact contain marijuana!!!

Montana Biotech is ready to serve YOUR need for Potency Labeling in Montana.

Call Today (406) 600-6871 for availability!!

Potency Analysis and Labeling STARTING at $59.99

This Potency Analysis Labeling includes BUDS!!!

Blueberry: <16.8% THC, <1% CBD, <1%CBD, find this Potency Labeled variety at Honest John’s Farmacy.

Mango: <16.4% THC, <1%CBD, <1% CBN, find this Potency Labeled variety at Honest John’s Farmacy


Honest John’s Farmacy OPEN Mon-Sat 11Am-7PM Walk-Ins welcome. Call  (406)388-2837 for more info.

Tell them Montana Biotech sent you!!!!

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