Testing Marijuana in Montana Determine Percent THC CBD Grow Buddy™ vs Grow Buddy Pro™

If you are looking for help THC testing your medical marijuana, Montana Biotech is ready to assist!! Call today (406)600-6871 for more details about our potency analysis labels.

Determine Percent THC CBD Grow Buddy vs Grow Buddy Pro

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#1 Collect/Select your samples for analysis.

Use the Grow Buddy Pro supplies to collect and categorize your samples. This can be hash oil, kief, or dried plant material.

#2 Assay your samples.

Use Grow Buddy Pro to quantify cannabinoids content in your samples. Know what percent THC, CBD your sample/s contain.

#3 Analyze the results!

Use Just TLC software, by Sweday, with the Grow Buddy Pro THC, CBD, CBN pre-loaded TLC plates to determine the percentage THC, CBD, CBN of your samples.

Grow Buddy™ is a thin layer chromatography (TLC) THC, CBD, CBN qualitative test kit. Grow Buddy™ is ONLY intended for qualitative assaying of cannabis flowers and whole plant isolates. In other words, qualitative equates to data ranging from greater than, equal to, or less than.

Grow Buddy Pro is also a TLC test kit, but Grow Buddy Pro is intended for QUANTITATIVE assaying of THC, CBD, CBN. Yes, this means Grow Buddy Pro can be used, DIY, to determine percentage THC, CBD, CBN at home for less than $10 per sample!

The difference between Grow Buddy™ vs Grow Buddy Pro is the TLC plates. Grow Buddy Pro has TLC plates pre-loaded with a known quantity of THC, CBD, CBN to help in the quantification of THC, CBD, CBN percentages.

Contents for Grow Buddy Pro THC CBD test kit:

4 THC CBD CBN Preloaded T.L..C plates for 4 samples per plate. BEST for THC CBD percent quantification!
1 Container of coloring dye powder
1 Bottle of test fluid
1 Developing container/jar
20 Small plastic reaction tubes
1 Reaction tube rack
10 Capillary tubes
1 Capillary tube extraction bulb
1 Glass pipette assembly – 1 microliter
1 Spray bottle
1 Pair protective gloves
1 User’s manual

BUY NOW! Grow Buddy Pro USPS Priority Mail

BUY NOW! Grow Buddy Pro International Shipping

!!!Montana Biotech is NOW ACCEPTING PATIENTS!!!

If you have a qualifying medical condition, but cant afford the cost of MMJ registration, we may be able to help.

Wholesale prices are available for all of our products including a 90 day buy back guarantee. Please  feel free to contact us 24/7 with any questions.

Cell: 406-600-6871      

E-Mail: MontanaBiotech@gmail.com

Twitter: @MontanaBiotech


Fastest way to determine cannabis seedling sex!

Grow Buddy Thin Layer Chromatography THC, CBD test kit

Grow Buddy Instructional Video

Grow Buddy Replacement T.L.C. Supplies

Plant DNA Collection Kit

Montana Biotech Products and Services

Web: http://montanabiotech.wordpress.com/
Facebook: http://facebook.com/joseph.lacerenza

Twitter: @MontananBiotech

Montana Biotech can help with testing THC levels in cannabis, marijuana, pot what ever you want to call it!! Are technicians are here to help.  Testing for THC levels and providing labels can assist patients, who have not used cannabis before or it has been a long time, to make better informed medicating decision.

Montana is moving to mandatory THC testing and labeling of ALL medical marijuana sold in a store or dispensary. THC is one active cannabinoid levels in the cannabis plant.Montana Biotech has a peer reviewed process for testing cannabis.

Whether you are in Billings, Dillion, Redlodge, Butte, Helena, Missoula, or Havre  Montana Biotech is there to help with THC testing!!!

Montana Biotech services all points in Montana.

Just give us a call (406)600-6871 and we can have a technician answer any questions you may have about:

Potency Testing

Potency Labeling

Genetic screening

Grow tips/ pathology tips

How to D.I.Y. marijuana isolates

How to D.I.Y. marijuana infused products

And much more!!!

THC Testing (Potency Analysis) and Labeling STARTS at $59.99

Call (406)600-6871


E-Mail: MontanaBiotech@gmail.com


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