Straring Down The Barrell of A Gun

Here we are in Montana looking at full repeal of our MMJ Act, on 2-3-2011!! Let us come together to realize a cannabis based industry is not against the “American Idea”.  All of us in the mmj industry, here in Montana, realize how important it is to seeing Montana through this economic down turn. MMGA has brought to mention the fact that cannabis has played a major part in our success as a state during this economic fiascoesMontana will see it’s way through this hardship. Medical marijuana has brought more to this agrarian state than it has taken. I, MBT , have seen more a horse lover take to  the MMJ community then have shied away…. I have heard time again,  “I need to save what I have”…

Talk to Montana Biotech for help with navigating the seas of regulation in the MMJ act of Montana. (406)-600-6871


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