Caregiver in Montana, Healing Consultants, Inc

Healing Consultants, Inc is located here in Montana!! They provide some of the highest quality, lab tested, medical marijuana around Montana.

If you are on the look for a knowledgeable caregiver, willing to give YOU the time and attention YOU need and deserve, call Healing Consultants, Inc.

Their cannabis is second to none!!!

Fastest way to determine cannabis seedling sex!

Grow Buddy Thin Layer Chromatography THC, CBD test kit

Grow Buddy Instructional Video

Grow Buddy Replacement T.L.C. Supplies

Plant DNA Collection Kit

Montana Biotech Products and Services


Twitter: @MontananBiotech

Call:  Healing Consultants, Inc: (406) 570- 2865 . Ask for Jason or his wife, Codi. Tell them Montana Biotech sent you!!

E Mail:

Are YOU Looking For….

Connie Chung (A)

Connie Chung (A)

Connie Chung (A)

Connie Chung (B)


Connie Chung (B)

Coming soon…. Grape God

Looking for Connie Chung?

Testing Results: Connie Chung (A)

Testing Results: Connie Chung (B)

Testing Results: Connie Chung (B)

Search no further!!! Healing Consultants, Inc are the #1 supplier of Connie Chung around  Montana.

ALL their cannabis is THC, CBD, CBN potency tested, and purity labeled by Montana Biotech, a marijuana testing lab located in Bozeman, MT.

Healing Consultants, Inc is willing to take the extra time and effort to provide to the MMJ community the best looking, best tasting, and most effective cannabis around Montana.

Feel free to leave a comment.

Tell us where YOU got your Connie Chung.

Tell us of  YOUR experience with the store / dispensary / other caregiver where YOU got your Connie Chung Medical Marijuana Strain. To keep up on the high standards of MMJ patients, Healing Consultants, Inc, needs the feed back to better tailor their product to better suit YOUR medical marijuana needs.

E Mail:

Call: (406)570-2865

Montana Biotech a Potency Testing Lab located in Bozeman, MT


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