Sour Diesel Medical Marijuana Strain

Sour Diesel Medical Marijuana Strain

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Fast facts about Sour Diesel medicinal cannabis:

  • Classification: 90/10 Sativa/Indica Hybrid
  • Optimal environment for growing: Outdoors/Indoors
  • Known for uplifting, head-centered buzz.
  • High Yielding
  • THC Range: 20% and higher
  • Gardening Skills Required: Moderate
  • Medicinal Usages: Migraine, Headache, Nausea, Depression, Chronic Pain and Many More Sour Diesel Rating: Uplifting Intense Highness

Sour Diesel Marijuana Description

East Coast Sour Diesel is crossed with Mexican/Afghani Diesel to produce the Sour Diesel marijuana strain. It emits strong scents of vanilla, lemon and cream and displays heavily potent characteristics of stoniness. Its 90% Sativa concentration yields excellent high-end cerebral buzzes that are sure to expand your consciousness every time you toke up. Excellent in the early morning, Sour Diesel Medical Marijuana Strain gives you a bright, energetic, and quite possibly talkative wake-n-bake experience; mixed with just enough Indica calming to make you chill and thoughtful.

To understand the smell and taste of Sour Diesel Medical Marijuana Strain, think about an empty 55-gallon drum of diesel fuel filled with halved, squeezed tangy lemons. The scent is powerful; almost overwhelming, yet somehow magnetic. Sour Diesel calls you closer to experience the delights it so effectively delivers. In fact, always be extra careful about the pungent smell of Sour Diesel weed if you’re growing your own.

The Sour Diesel cannabis plant is thin and tall when grown outdoors naturally. These beautiful females top out at about 6 feet indoors and develop to display an ever-pleasing Christmas tree shape. As the ladies mature fully, they begin to display purple foliage and pistils with hues of pink. Loose buds, shaped like spears, are common.

Sour Diesel Marijuana: Prepare for a rapidly uplifting high that will expand your mind!

Where to Find Sour Diesel Medical Marijuana Strain?

Big Sky Patient Care

Call: (406) 586-0842

Call (406)600-6871



Fastest way to determine cannabis seedling sex!

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