Purple Urkle Medical Marijuana Strain

Purple Urkle Doc

Purple Urkel Medical Marijuana Strain

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Description provided by: Our Weed

This is a great indica that I am a big fan of. Purple Urkel Medical Marijuana Strain are tightly packed calics making for tightly packed buds. Purple Urkel Medical Marijuana Strain also has a strong, intense purple coloring. It is almost black in appearance, it is so purple! The beautiful purple coloring of the foliage is contrasted by the strong orange colored hairs and intense citrus hints.

Purple Urkel has a strong aroma of citrus with hints of the skunky notes all come to know and love as the “smell” of cannabis.

Purple Urkel is a clone-only strain that seems to be the rage among medical clubs and cannabis connoisseurs


This is a popular sentiment for those in the medical marijuana industry right now, what is even more amazing is that this strain has received such notoriety and is also known as a clone strain, meaning there are no seeds available if you choose to grow Purple Urkel Medical Marijuana Strain. If you’re looking to grow this amazing strain you’re going to have to do so from clone. Find them here!!!

This article was in High Times

Purple Urkel Medical Marijuana Strain is a clone-only strain that seems to be the rage among medical clubs and cannabis connoisseurs. Purple Urkel is known for growing somewhat slowly, but its other traits make it very desirable. It turns an amazing purple late in bloom, possesses the most amazing grape/lavender flavor and gives a nice strong stone. But where did it come from?

Purple Urkel or Humboldt Purple (a.k.a. Purple Urple) has been growing in southern Humboldt County since approximately 1989. The Mendo cats are responsible for renaming it “Lavender,” among several other names. A good friend has grown the Mendocino Lavender cut side by side with the Humboldt Purple Urple/Urkel—as well as the Bridgeville Black Afghan, Nepalese Purple, Pakistani Purple Kush and Tooty Fruity Purple—and he swears they’re all the same cut, renamed.

I’ve discovered quite a few other Purples that are likely the same cut as well, going by such names as Garberville Purple Kush(a.k.a. Swerve’s Cut), Mendocino PK and Kyle Kushman’s PK. An Internet source I’ll leave unnamed says about Kyle’s PK:

Kyle Kushman’s “Purple Kush” is the plant that made Kushman famous after a photograph of the Kush made the cover of the New York Times Magazine about 12 years ago.The magazine is not a weed-centric publication, and the article stated how much real money is made by indoor gardening based on black-market forces and the technology that was in place then (grow lights, seeds, hydro systems, etc). In the article the grower (presumably Kyle) states that the plant was found in a group of Northern Lights x Purple Indica seeds. Kyle was living out east at the time and soon became a writer for HIGH TIMES.

I would assume that the Mendocino and Garberville versions are the exact same, as this is prime herb-growing country here in North Cali, and it would be really easy for one grower to give a clone to another fellow grower. The Emerald Triangle (Humboldt, Mendocino and Trinity Counties) is known for the quantity of MJ it produces, both indoor and outdoor.


Where to Find Purple Urkel Medical Marijuana Strain?

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!!!Montana Biotech is NOW ACCEPTING PATIENTS (card holders)!!!

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