Medical Marijuana Clinics, Doctor Recommendations, Referrals, Evaluations in Billings

MMJ Clinics / Doctors Recommendations

Need to find a doctor ready to help you with getting your medical marijuana card, well it has gotten a whole lot easier!! The MMJ Clinics / Doctors recommendation Page is here!

Montana Biotech Home Page

Contact a clinic and set up an appointment for a doctor’s evaluation, it is that easy!

Clinics / Doctor Recommendations:

Big Sky Patient Care

(406) 586-0842

Honest John’s Farmacy

(406) 388-BUDS (2873)

Doctors / Clinics Advertising Medical Marijuana Evaluations

  • Billings: Montannabis Inc: 406-281-8420
  • Billings: New Frontier Patient Care 406-294-9333 or emailThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
  • Billings: Montana Cannabis Treatment Centers 406-208-4381 (Yellowstone County, Billings, Laurel, Southcentral MT and surrounding areas)
  • Billings: Canna-RX Caregivers: 406-281-8061



One Response to “Medical Marijuana Clinics, Doctor Recommendations, Referrals, Evaluations in Billings”

  1. marijuana doctors Says:

    It was over 20 years ago since the first time that I went to a doctor to talk about the pain I was feeling. At the time the pain was not so bad it was like I had worked out to hard the day before. It felt like I had worked out so hard it hurt; it wasn’t that bad, I could live with it. I was just really curious why it was there so I went to doctors. Lots of doctors they got me tested for just about everything, after all the tests and money they came back and said they had no clue. Therefore I went another five years before I said or did anything about it. I recommend visiting marijuana doctors was founded to act as the trusted gateway for patients searching for medical marijuana treatment in legal medical marijuana states. Hope this helps.

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