Margaret DiHarn, Watercolor Prints / Pictures, Located in Bozeman Montana

I met Margaret Di Harn at the Staples in Bozeman, Montana … We were standing in line together, sharing space and time… She was getting prints / copies made  for her Son-In-Law’s 50th Birthday!! So, she continued to tell me about her daughters, the rest of the family. I asked her where she got her watercolor pictures from, she had many. Margaret continues to tell me that SHE paints these pictures, I say, ” NO WAY”. She says, “yes way….”

So, I told her I would put her picture on my site… She did not ask, she usually just does her watercolors for her family. I asked if she would be alright with me putting her phone number up as well, so others that LOVE her stuff, as much as I do, can find her!! I hope to get more watercolor prints from her to share.


If there is interest we will get an E-Mail as well, BUT here is Margaret’s phone number:

(406) 461-4660 Please, DO NOT CALL before 9AM or after 5PM MT standard time!!!!!

Margaret Di Harn has lived in Bozeman, Montana since 1975… Her watercolor paintings are inspired by the locale flora and fauna. You can also see the rustic influences in some of here other works.

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