Testicle Festival / Testy Festy: Rock Creek Lodge Testicle Festival in Clinton, Montana Held Each August

Rock Creek Road is located between Butte and Missoula, Montana and it is known for the “Testicle Festival“, which takes place each August. If you’re getting a bit tired, the restaurant makes a mean grilled cheese and you can browse through all sorts of Testicle Festival souvenirs. If you are really brave, you might even choose to order a plate of testees.

Rock Creek Lodge just outside of Clinton, Montana throws the world’s largest testicle festival every fall attracting more than 15,000 fans annually to its five day event.  Tossing around its motto, “I had a ball at the Testicle Festival,” the festival feeds over 2 ½ tons of bull balls to its many hungry revelers.  Not only can you get a taste of these yummy delicious deep-fried bull’s testicles, but while you’re there, you’ll no doubt want to participate in the bull-chip throwing contest, the wet t-shirt or hairy chest competitions, and bull-shit bingo.

While you’re there you will enjoy live music, with as many as six different bands playing, and a copious flow of alcohol, especially Bull Snort Brew, made especially for the festival by Big Sky Brewing Company of Missoula, Montana.

The brainchild of Rod Lincoln, who owns the Rock Creek Lodge, the annual festival has revitalized what was once a little known stop along the road.  Billed as “Montana Tendergroin,” Lincoln uses only USDA approved bull testicles in preparing the delicacy.  Also known as Rocky Mountain Oysters, the membrane is peeled, marinated in beer, breaded four times, and deep fried to result in what appears to be a fat breaded pork tenderloin.

Haven’t got enough yet?  Be sure to pick up a Testicle Festival souvenir at the Rock Lodge gift shop, which features everything from t-shirts to playing cards to Testy Festy Hot Sauce.

The Rock Creek Lodge Testicle Festival, held each September, has been featured in such magazines as Time, Maxim, High Times, Hustler, and Field and Stream.

Rock Creek Lodge is just outside of Clinton, Montana and twenty miles east of Missoula on I-90 at exit 126.

Contact Information:

Rock Creek Lodge Testicle Festival

I-90 Exit 126 – Box 825
Clinton, Montana 59825


If your appetite hasn’t been sated by this bizarre festival, fear not.  Montana has more to offer at the Fromberg Festival of Testicles near Billings, the Mission Mountain Testicle Festival in Branding Iron, the Ryegate Testicle Festival some 60 miles from Billings, and the York Bar’s Go Nuts Festival in York, Montana.

Bon appétit!

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