SB423 Forces Medical Marijuana Patients to Grow / Produce THEIR OWN Cannabis, Montana Biotech can Help!

Montana Biotech is ready to HELP ALL medical marijuana patients and caregivers with growing, maintaining a garden, harvesting, curing cannabis, designing edibles, medibles, tinctures, balms or salves. Gain from the many years of cultivation expertise, as well as, the knowledge of a FULL cannabis research Laboratory! Take advantage of cannabinoid profiling, genetics analysis and a cannabis botanical research specialist ready to assist YOU! Montana Biotech is a Lab located in Bozeman Montana. Montana Biotech lab specializes in potency, and genetic analysis of cannabis sativa for the medical marijuana industry in ALL of the MMJ states.

Montana Biotech can help set-up, operate, or other wise maintain a lab quality grow operation at your home, or the place of your choosing!  Be prepared to grow your own if you are a patient who can not find a caregiver to grow you medicine for FREE. The next best thing to a caregiver is having a qualified botanical research specialist to maintain YOUR crop at the safety and convince of YOUR HOME!

Montana Biotech can be there for you from choosing a strain for YOUR medical marijuana condition through potency analysis, to choosing the right equipment, to maintaining your garden, all the way to harvest, drying and curing YOUR medicine! Learn from Montana Biotech how to produce your OWN whole plant isolates, medibles, edibles, tinctures, salves, balms, any thing that can be medicated with cannabinoids! Have a chef come to YOUR home and prepare cannabis infused foods for YOU!

Gain from the time, capital investment, and effort Montana Biotech has been putting into cannabis research! Gain the KNOWLEDGE you need to be an informed patient and caregiver! Trust in the network of professionals associated with Montana Biotech to HELP YOU create cannabinoid delivery systems suited for YOU!

Take advantage of some of the other products and services Montana Biotech offers!

Grow Buddy™, an at Home Thin Layer Chromatography Cannabinoid Testing Kit.

The Grow Buddy™ at home THC testing kit is just $100.00 plus $3.50 for shipping and handling in the U.S. Order yours today!

The Grow Buddy™ at home THC testing kit is just $100.00 plus $50.00 for International Orders, shipping and handling. Order yours today!

Plant DNA Collection Kit™, DNA profiling, male / female sexing by P.C.R and gel electrophoresis analysis.


Call Montana Biotech today for more information on setting up a consultation!

 Cell: 406-600-6871


Twitter: @MontanaBiotech



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