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Green Economy, Not in the USA

December 28, 2009

America, the great bastion of freedom, just not when it comes to cannabis. Uruguay is the first nation in South America to allow some limited cultivation of cannabis hemp. Our friend’s to the north have had this right for a number of years. Why can’t American farmers grow this crop? The question has no logical response.

Look at the poppy seed that is used on your bagel. It has trace amounts of opiates, yet it is not regulated by the DEA, why cannabis? Does a field of seed poppies not resemble the drug variety? These inconsistencies are going to slow this GREEN ECONOMY from coming to fruition.

Cannabis is grown in a number of European nations. France, Great Britain, Spain to name a few!!! Do our farmers not deserve the same financial security hemp has brought to other farmers? The green economy will bring our destabilized small time farmers the comfort needed to do a good job! I live in an agriculturally dependent state, and cannabis hemp could be used as a rotation crop with wheat, barley, and alfalfa seamlessly.

This cash value added crop could help farmers not have to sell their land to other agribusinesses conglomerates. Maybe this is a motivating factor. Many of the subsidies given to the agricultural sector of OUR economy are received by these large conglomerates. This is not the green economy I envisioned!! Stealing the land from under the feet of a small time farmer is EVIL!!

The American farmer was the example of a true entrepreneur!! This has been forgotten in the last 50 years. Farmer, instead of being producers, has become nothing more than a glorified consumer. Consume fertilizer, consume agrichemicals, and buy Monsanto’s seeds each year because you can’t save any seed from the year before. This was the green economy the powers that be wanted. But, we know what green economy WE want. That is the CANNABIS ECONOMY!!!

Really I see it as closer now then it has ever been!! We are at the crest of a great tsunami!! No amount of hand wringing by the prohibitionists is going to change this new GREEN ECONOMY!!!

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Green Economy Ennis, MT

December 15, 2009

Speaking of the green economy, where is it?! When I speak of the green economy, I speak of HEMP! Hemp/cannabis. It was touted as the billion dollar industry by Popular Mechanics, not to mention Henry Ford was fond of the herb, back in 1941!!! But, I digress the GREEN ECONOMY, where is it? Why is a majority of our paper not derived from hemp?

Well, there is a change a comin!! A woman in Ennis, Mt is going to try and test the DEA out, see if they have some nuts!She plans on putting her state legal cannabis on 140 acres of leased land. Just imagine, tractor hash!! The green economy is more than a smart grid, fuel efficient cars, and the like, it is a move from the old way of doing business as usual to the new way.

Cannabis hemp fits into the green economy seamlessly. If we just used the biomass, and seed to make bioethanol and biodesiel we would put a huge dent in the amount of foreign oil imported here in the U.S.A. What about trees, cannabis can be used fro a number of different applications like composite wood products.

The green economy up to this point has been reserved for wind turbines and solar panels, I hope that the next step is to allow American farmers the chance to grow hemp legally here in the U.S. After WWII the majority of cannabis eradicated in the wild is farel hemp. This hemp was cultivated in the first green economy and got off of the farms. “Hemp for Victory” this was the name of the program started by the government, because most, if not all, of our wartime cannabis fiber was not domestically produced due to the Marijuana Tax Stamp Act of 1937. I am still waiting for the green economy.

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