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North Star Organics, Medical Marijuana Infused Foods, Edibles, Medibles, Treats Experts, Located in Montana

June 7, 2011

North Star Organics, Medical Marijuana Infused Foods, Edibles, Medibles, Treats Experts, Located in Montana

North Star Organics is operated by Ryan and Andrew of Livingston Montana. Montana Biotech has been doing business with North Star Organics for the past 6 month! Ryan and Andrew are an infuser, grower team willing to work for you! Many different medical marijuana infused products are currently offered through North Star Organics, here are just two I took pictures of!

Cannabis Infused Lemon Bar
Cannabis Infused Brownie

Medical Marijuana Raw Material used for infused products at North Star Organics:

AK-47 Potency Tested Medical Marijuana
Strawberry Potecny Tested Medical Marijuana

Contact Ryan with ANY questions you have about North Star Organics, it’s products, or services!

Cell: 406-570-7204




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