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COMING SOON weGrow Hydro SUPER STORE Taking Root Across the Nation Opening in OREGON, COMING SOON

June 15, 2011

COMING SOON weGrow Hydro SUPER STORE Taking Root Across the Nation Opening in OREGON, COMING SOON


Soon, weGrow locations will be taking root across the nation, with new stores sprouting in Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey and Oregon in the next few months.  To inquire about opening up a weGrow store, please click here.

I hope to see the Grow Buddy™ Thin Layer Chromatography THC at home test kit, and the Plant DNA Collection Kit™ used for male/female sexing of cannabis seedlings 1-2 weeks after germination, and unique genetic profiling sold at weGrow!! That would be F*CKIN AWESOME!!

!!!Montana Biotech is NOW ACCEPTING PATIENTS!!!

If you have a qualifying medical condition, but cant afford the cost of MMJ registration, we may be able to help.

Wholesale prices are available for all of our products including a 90 day buy back guarantee. Please  feel free to contact us 24/7 with any questions.

Cell: 406-600-6871      


Twitter: @MontanaBiotech


Here are just some of the products offered at weGrow:

Environmental Control

Grow Lights

Grow Mediums

Hydroponic Nutrients

Mobile Hydroponic Units


Pest & Disease Control

Post Harvest


Grow Light Ballasts

Grow Systems


Deals of the Week


weGrow Oakland

70 Hegenberger Loop
Oakland Ca,94621
Email Justin

weGrow Sacramento

1537 Fulton Ave.
Sacramento Ca, 95825
Email Michael

weGrow Phoenix

2937 W. Thomas Road
Phoenix Az. 85009
Email Sunny
visit our Phoenix page

Locations Coming SOON!!

weGrow Washington DC

weGrow Tucson Arizona


Fastest way to determine cannabis seedling sex!

Peer Reviewed Research

MMJ Clinics / Doctors Recommendations

MMJ Dispensaries/Caregivers: Find Them Here

MMJ Strains / Varieties: Find Them Here Potency Tested

Grow Buddy Thin Layer Chromatography THC, CBD test kit

Grow Buddy Instructional Video

Grow Buddy Replacement T.L.C. Supplies

Plant DNA Collection Kit

Montana Biotech Products and Services

Cannabinoid Facts

Grow Buddy™ T.L.C. test kit

Specialist Want Regulations / Oversight of Medical Marijuana Analysis Labs, Montana Biotech Embraces Open Dialog

Cannabis Cannabinoid Analytics at Home T.L.C. Thin Layer Chromatography THC, CBD, CBN Medical Marijuana Cannabinoid Fingerprint Test Kit by Montana Biotech

Cannalytics™ Cannabinoid Fingerprinting Test by Alpha Nova vs Grow Buddy™ at Home THC, CBD, CBN Test Kit by Montana Biotech Comparing Two Competing Thin Layer Chromatography T.L.C Methods

Grow Buddy Replacement Thin Layer Chromatography TLC Parts, Pieces, and Accessories, from Montana Biotech

QUALTITATIVE vs. QAUNTITATIVE Analysis of Cannabis THC, CBD, CBN Cannabinoid Levels

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